In this page, I will explain how GraphixMotion does its project process and how we go about a project, together,  you and the team.

Once you have already trusted my skills & abilities as a designer, you may start contacting me via the message icon on the bottom right part of your screen or simply click HERE to fill out a project form.

If you plan to simply contact me via the message icon, please include the following information:

  1. Kind of Service
  2. Author Name
  3. Book Title
  4. Project idea or concept (how would you want the project to look like?)

I will then send you a message letting you know if I am available or on queue (hence, contacting me early would be great).

If so happens that I am on queue, I will schedule you to my unbooked days and let you know about it.

As a rule of service, I actually require 50% upfront payment to be fair on both parties and to legalize that a project between you and GraphixMotion shall commence.

The rest of the payment shall be asked before the sending of the final files.

I usually receive payment via PayPal or Payoneer, but can receive payment via Stripe if this is something you would go for.

If we choose PayPal, we have 3 options:

  1. I can either provide you my PayPal email address and you may send the payment to me
  2. I can send you an invoice but you need to pay in full (due to so much PayPal fees when you use invoice)
  3. I can send you an invoice twice, for the initial and final payment, if you will be happy to pay for the PayPal fee of 5% everytime.

PayPal takes out 5% of the money as a fee for invoices and 3% if you use the ‘Send To A Friend’ feature.

All of my services are in US Dollars.

If you need a receipt for taxes or whatever reason, I can also comply, attached with my signature on it.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a personal message from me, (My name is Demi, by the way!) so you would be comfortable working with me and you will trust me more. I do this special message via email, so please let me know what your best email address is ahead of time via the message icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Then, I, the designer, will start looking for the project element/s that is/are ideal for your project, show it to you and agree on it. (e.g stock photos, videos, etc.)

We offer unlimited revisions within reason. Hence, I can assure that you will get the product result that you want because we will be together in looking for the pictures, and revise the project however you want it.

If you ordered the All-In Package for book cover, please make sure that you have already edited the blurb so we don’t have to edit it again when it is already pasted in the back cover of your book.

Please send whatever information you think is needed for your project element (sample photos, bases, etc) to

Please know that I am using the time zone UTC (+8:00). I am currently residing at Cebu City, Philippines.

Even however this is the case, I don’t fail to communicate and send proofs in perfect deadline. My turnaround time varies for every project:

48 hours for the first draft and 24 hours for every revision (hence, please let me know about all the revisions you want/need right away before letting me revise something, because it’s going to take a day before it will go back to you)
Time Frame alloted for a Book Cover Project: 3 to 7 days

48 hours for the first draft and 24 hours for every revision
Time Frame alloted for a Book Trailer Project: 4 to 8 days

72 hours for the first draft and 24 hours for every revision
Time Frame alloted for a Website Project: Earliest is 5 days, latest is 9 days.

48 hours for the first draft and 24 hours for every revision
Time Frame alloted for a Formatting Project: 3 to 7 days

Depending on the length of the book

In this stage, the project only requires a few tweaks and is already good to go.

I would start asking for the final payment before the sending of the final files, and  once the payment is confirmed, you will be receiving the email of all your project inclusions without fail.

You will once again be receiving a special message to personally thank you, and give you a simple token of appreciation for choosing GraphixMotion. 🙂